Be bold, be comfy, be bright, be true. Olle Eksell Shoes
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In 1962, Olle Eksell designed a font
named Eksell Display. In
2019, Hush
Puppies worked with the type foundry
that owns
the rights to this font to
slightly modify it. This allowed us to
have an ownable brand font that
embodied our brand
be bright, bold, comfy and true.

We named it
Basset Bold.

Hush Puppies x Eksell Hush Puppies x Eksell Hush Puppies x Eksell

To celebrate Olle's legacy
and his influence on our
brand we created three new limited-edition Seventy8s.
we created three
new limited-edition
Seventy8s. Each inspired
by Olle’s graphic designs.

Walk the museum or wear ‘em to your
desk job; either way, you’ll stay inspired. ​

Good design is not
just aesthetic – it is
good economy.
Good design is not
just cool
– it is
bloody serious.

- Olle Eksell

Hush Puppies x Eksell

More About Olle Eksell

In 1946, the newly married couple
Ruthel and Olle Eksell traveled
with the
Drottningholm ship to USA to study at
the Art Center
College of Design in Los
Angeles. In LA and NYC, Olle came in
contact with contemporary designers
such as Paul Rand, Donald
Kubly, Alvin
Lustig and Lester Beall. A close
developed between Paul
Rand and Olle that lasted throughout
their lives. They visited each other
frequently and often
discussed new
ideas and design processes.​

Besides being an excellent designer
and writer, Olle Eksell was a
visionary. This can be seen in his book
Design = Ekonomi
(1964) where he in a
clear and elegant way explains the
important relationship between design
and economy.

In 2011 the Swedish Government
presented Olle with an
Professorship for his significant
contribution to the field
of Design.
Driven by joy and curiosity, Olle loved
his work and
never stopped creating.​