Your next vacation will be here before you know it. Maybe your plans are solid with reservations confirmed. Or maybe your plans are more flexible. Regardless of where you go, packing is an important part of your vacation. After you’ve figured out the perfect clothes to take with you, take the time to decide which comfortable shoes to pack. You need to be ready for sightseeing, shopping, and evenings out. If your destination is warm, you’ll need to be ready for the beach or pool.



Whether you’re heading to a famous location or a low-key, out-of-the-way place, you’ll likely spend time walking and standing. Some days you’ll trek miles; others you’ll walk less but still be on your feet. Sneakers may be your first thought, and Hush Puppies® Seventy8 Sneaker is a super-smart choice! Our 70s-style shoe was named best overall walking shoe by Women’s Health as part of their 2022 fitness awards. The Seventy8 Sneaker is crafted in soft suedes and finished in vintage-inspired colors. Jam-packed with comfort technology and updated with recycled linings, breathable materials, and a removable footbed, the Seventy8 will feel good all day – whether you book miles or do a lot of walking, stopping, and standing.

If you want a comfortable shoe for women but want something different than a sneaker, Hush Puppies has another great shoe for the walking you’ll be doing on your spring break. Casual and comfortable, our Bridget was made for walking with style. Inspired by the 90s and one of our most well-loved original casual styles, the Bridgeport, AKA the O.G. Hush Puppies, Bridget has been upgraded with our hug-like comfort technology, an on-trend platform heel and supa funky colors. Made with soft, flexible suede uppers and Worry Free™ water-resistant materials, Bridget is the perfect fit when you want a comfortable shoe that’s something other than a sneaker.

Dinner Reservations

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At the end of your shopping and sightseeing days, you’re ready for dinner. You’ve brought a skirt and cute pants; either will dress up the evening. You want comfortable shoes that can also look special. Hush Puppies has two comfortable flats for women that are great options for your spring break wardrobe.

Our Chaste Ballet slipper is one of the most comfortable pair of flats you’ll ever put on. Crafted in full-grain leather, novelty leather, or suede, it features a cushioned triangle footbed that conforms to the way you walk and a durable, rubber outsole that provides extra traction on your evening ventures. The Chaste Ballet flat comes in always-right black, some chic colors, and a few great patterns and is available in narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide widths.

Our other comfortable flat is the Hazel Pointe. Our stylish flat comes in smooth leather and suedes in neutrals, brights, and patterns. She’s a chic-looking flat with comfort technology galore – extra cushioning in the heel to help prevent rubbing and comfy footbed with an added layer of memory foam for even more cushioning. Plus, it’s available in medium and wide widths. The Hazel Pointe will complete your outfit and will walk you stylishly into dinner.

And When It’s Warm


If your vacation plans include warm weather, you’re going to want to pack some comfortable sandals for women. And, if a beach or pool is on the agenda, we have some other sandals that are lightweight and won’t take up too much space in your luggage. The Andi Slide and Andi Slingback Sandal are super-cute, platform wedge sandals. Built with enhanced cushioning for all day comfort, Andi also has a Dri-Lex® suede lining and genuine leather straps that help keep feet dry. Whether you choose the slide or the sling-back, Andi will serve you comfortably during spring break.

If you’re going to be hitting the beach or lounging by a pool over spring break, you’ll want to take along our Brite Jells. These are not your childhood jellies – these are more fun! They’re more comfortable, durable, and have squishy soft, jelly-like straps. Available in four party-perfect, summer shades, they have a hidden, cushioned footbed to keep your treks to the beach or pool comfortable till the sun goes down. The Brite Jells Slide and the Brite Jells Quarter Strap Sandal are made of squishy soft polyurethane and have an extra cushiony TPU injection outsole. They’re easy to clean, easy to wear, and easy to pack. Another great water-side sandal is the Hush Puppies Sunshine Slides. These comfortable sandals are basically pool floaties for your feet. They’re cute, comfy, and crazy colorful! The Sunshine Slides have a comfy footbed and an extra layer of memory foam for added comfort. Whether you’re strolling along the beach, walking to the poolside snack bar, or trekking to/from your room, these comfortable sandals for women are going to keep you smiling (maybe laughing!) and comfy all day long.

That’s it. Vacation called, you answered, and packed comfy shoes You didn’t forget your toothbrush, did you?

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