Throughout the last year, moms around the world have had new responsibilities, new challenges, and new triumphs. Meet some of the moms on the Hush Puppies team who continued finding ways to live life on the bright side.

Kristen F. | Designer

“We spent time with cousins, laughed and sang by the campfire and disconnected from the world around us.”

One of my favorite memories from this past year was getting to go to “Family Camp” on Lake Sobago, ME this past Summer. At this point into the pandemic, we had been stuck inside our four walls together for 5 very long months. We needed fresh air, space and new faces. Those things being limited as they were, the opportunity arose for us to stay at what is normally an all-girls sleep away camp on Lake Sobago, ME. We attended family Camp along with a few other families that took over the camp for five days as a way for the owners of the camp to keep it alive during a Summer when campers could not otherwise participate . We swam, we kayaked, paddle boarded, played family games and watched in amazement as my tiny five-year-old climbed up the top of a giant rock wall. We spent time with cousins, laughed and sung by the campfire and disconnected from the world around us. We reconnected as a family in an environment that wasn’t under constant stress from children trying to learn via zoom while working parents attempted to simultaneously keep their sanity and their full-time jobs.  Our time at family camp will always hold precious memories for us – memories and experiences that refilled our cups and gave us the strength to keep going.

Jill B. T. | eCommerce Director

“The slower pace and lack of social expectations in the last year have been a bonus in a very hard time.”

My family has taken full advantage of ice cream in the driveway (instead of long, hot lines), boy campouts (mom doesn’t love sleeping on the ground) and exploring in our own community (although I miss getting “out”!). We even added 2 new family members; “Covid cats” Chippy and Pretzels! It hasn’t been easy but these bright spots in the midst of a tough year will hopefully be what my boys remember.

Tasha D. | eCommerce Planner

“…never missed a smile, laugh, or big moment.”

Max was born shortly after our state went into Lockdown. I was nervous about not having help from family and friends but I am so incredibly grateful that we were able to have almost 11 months at home with him. We were able to watch him learn and grow and never missed a smile, laugh, or big moment. Having Max at home where we knew he was safe and we were able to spend so much time with him were definitely silver linings in an otherwise tough year.

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