This spring we’re embracing bold color and positivity with our super sweet new sandal collection the Brite Jells.

Meet Steffi Lynn, an illustrator and muralist living in Brooklyn. She Strives to create work that makes people happy. We partnered with her to create optimistic illustrations for our new collection of colorful sandals, the Brite Jells.


How did you get into illustration?
I have been drawing/painting/creating ever since I was little! I grew up with creative parents and we were always doing stuff together.

Describe your artistic aesthetic.
“A colorful flower field filled with positivity.”


What made you decide to focus your work on positivity and making people happy?
I am overall a pretty happy person, but I have always had really extreme moods and as many super happy days, I would have super low days too. I started to focus on positivity because I wanted to create work that reminded myself and others on those low days that things will be okay. And to feel the feels then move forward.

We believe color can affect mood. How do you use color in your work to express different feelings?
I try to use bold colors and interesting color palettes so it brightens peoples day when they see my work.


How do you bring positivity into your personal style and outfits?
I like to dress freely, comfortable and colorful! I like to match my outfits to my moods and wear clothes that let me move freely so I can always have a dance party!!

What is something that make you happier on a bad day?
Going outside for a walk or just blasting some groovy music and dancing it out.

What’s your favorite color?
Orange, yellow or pink!

Do you have any pets?
I used to have a jack Russel terrier. Hoping to get doggos in the future!


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