At our core, we believe a pop of color can brighten any day. After all, we’re the ones who introduced rainbow suede loafers and a new means of self-expression to feet around the world in 1958. Our latest collection of colorful, WorryFree™ suede shoes feature our classic Wren Loafer. We’ve curated 16 limited edition colors so you can pop your personal style.


This Winter, we’re embracing bold color by learning from the experts—a handful of artists and designers with an eye we admire.

Meet Michelle Norris. She is a photographer based in Atlanta.  She styled the Lime Wren Loafer and is teaching us about analogous color schemes through her art and style.

How did you get into photography?

I first started taking photos in middle school when I took a disposable camera with me everywhere and documented my daily life. In high school, I moved on to using a digital camera as well as taking a film class and learning to use the darkroom. There’s something about photography that has always appealed to me even as the way I apply it evolves.

Describe your photography style.
My style photography style is vibrant and graphic. I gravitate towards unexpected touches, loud color choices, and full compositions.


You use a ton of color in your art. What draws you to certain colors?
It’s all about my mood! Yellow is probably my all-around favorite color, but the more time I spend contemplating color theory, the more fascinated I am by how different pairing can change how a color translates and makes me feel.

How does your art and color preferences influence your personal style?

I’ve always had eclectic personal style, but only in the past few years did it come to more closely match the vibrancy and consistency of my art. I cleaned out all of my black and neutral clothing (except for white) a couple of years ago and never looked back. Part of it was that I was modeling for a lot of Tropico’s fine art images when traveling and I wanted a strong color story, but I was also all-around more excited by the vibrant choices in my wardrobe.


Color can affect mood. You styled our lime loafer. What kind of mood do you feel in lime green?

Lime green is zesty! It makes me feel uplifted and energized.

For someone who new to wearing color, do you have any tips or tricks on how to add color and brighten up an outfit?

I think that accessories are really easy place to start with adding color to an outfit. Earrings, bags, shoes, and headbands are all easy ways to liven it up without donning the entire rainbow.


What’s your favorite color?


What’s your favorite place to get inspired by color?

Art museums and visiting properties by Ricardo Bofill or Luis Barragan.

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