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At our core, we believe a pop of color can brighten any day. After all, we’re the ones who introduced rainbow suede loafers and a new means of self-expression to feet around the world in 1958. Our latest collection of colorful, WorryFree™ suede shoes feature our classic Wren Loafer. We’ve curated 16 limited edition colors so you can pop your personal style.

This Winter, we’re embracing bold color by learning from the experts—a handful of artists and designers with an eye we admire.

Meet Erin Fong. She is a letterpress printer based in the San Francisco Bay area. She styled the Lemon Curry Wren Loafer and is teaching us about monochromatic color schemes through her art and style.

How did you get into letterpress?

One summer during college I lived by campus and decided to take a “fun” class that I didn’t feel like I would normally be allowed to take during my regular semester. It was called Book Arts and was tucked in a tiny room in the upstairs library and was full of old printing presses, type cabinets, and barely enough room for the 6 students in class. Our assignment was to print and bind an artist book ~ all by hand ~ by the end of the semester. I was hooked after the first crank of the press and altered my college course to take as many book arts and printmaking classes as possible.

Tell us about your art.

My art focuses on color and connection. I started The Friendship Project back in 2018 as a way to examine my struggles with friendship and connection as an adult and sought out advice about friendship from anyone who was willing to give it. Along the way, I have discovered that friendship is a relationship that many struggle with at various points in their lives and there is a hunger for deeper more meaningful connections. The next logical step was to share all the great advice I collected and I began a letterpress series where each poster features the participant’s advice paired with their favorite color.  I display them in an ever-evolving rainbow gradient that continues to grow with each new response collected. YOU can participate at

Yellow Wren Loafer - Hush Puppies

You use a lot of monochromatic color schemes in your art. What draws you to this color scheme?

When I started the Friendship Project I knew I wanted to push my exploration of color and also knew that I didn’t want to spend the majority of my day washing up the press. (Clean up is never the fun part of any project!) This monochromatic look allowed me to gradually change the color of ink on press and minimized the amount of clean up between runs. I first print the background color and then darken the ink slightly and print the text on top. That darker color then serves as the background for the next poster. In this instance a monochromatic style served both form and function!

How does your art and color preferences influence your personal style?

I am very interested in color — in how it can make us feel, how it can change our moods and how everyone can perceive the same color so differently — BUT what I have to come to realize is that I actually love a good monochrome moment. I love an all white look or layered shades of beige just as much as a bold colorful look.

Yellow Wren Loafer - Hush Puppies

Color can affect mood. You styled our yellow loafer. What kind of mood do you feel in yellow?

Yellow is my power color! It seems impossible to not be happy anytime I wear it. In color psychology it can uplift your spirit and result in optimism and confidence. It can also inspire original thoughts and new ideas. I wasn’t fully aware of that before I got my yellow printshop jumpsuit but it certainly helps me feel motivated in the shop. (Side note: I’ve been writing a color based newsletter called The More Hue Know featuring fun facts and tidbits about a new color every edition ~ Get on the list at 

For someone who is new to wearing color, do you have any tips or tricks on how to add color and brighten up an outfit?

Start with just a pop of color! Thanks to my mother, I am a shoe person and a fun colorful shoe can really take an outfit to the next level.

Wren Loafer - Bright Colors - Hush Puppies

What’s your favorite color?

I am definitely drawn to lighter brighter tones and always love peach, pinks and yellows.

What’s your favorite place to get inspired by color?

SFMoma. The top two things I have to see every visit are the Ellsworth Kelly rooms (they never get old) and the bathrooms (every floor is a different color)!

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