Some of the most vulnerable people in our communities right now are those who are over 65. They’re our grandparents and senior loved ones; and being apart from them is hard—even though we know it’s to keep them safe.

To brighten their day, Hush Puppies is gifting thousands of Power Walkers—the original #GrandpaStyle sneaker they love.


And we need your help—check out our website to learn how to send a FREE pair to your senior loved one. The Hush Puppies team has been sending our own Grandparents Power Walkers and it has brightened our days as much as it has brightened theirs. Shoes don’t solve the bigger problem, but calling your grandparent to get a shoe size can lead to a whole conversation and deeper connection.


Times are hard right now, so do everything you can to stay home, stay safe, and stay connected. Make sure your grandparents have groceries, facemasks, and keep calling them—maybe your grandma will even finally give up that secret family recipe.

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