Meet Our Optimism Instigators
A collection of people we admire for what they do to initiate small things that spur positivity in a contagious way around the world.


A few months ago, we traveled to spend time with our Hush Puppies family in Dubai, UAE.

Meet Shereen Mitwalli, a public speaker and life coach based in Dubai. When you meet Shereen, it is immediately apparent how passionate and charismatic she is, which effortlessly translates into her work of helping people become the best versions of themselves through knowing their worth. She mentors others through personal coaching and public speaking. She also is the founder of the company OnStage which focuses on PR and public speaking.

“I’m definitely someone who has a purpose to uplift people.”


Shereen is an Egyptian-Australian who grew up in Australia and eventually moved to Dubai. She began her career in broadcasting and TV, but realized her passion was motivating others, which inspired her successful career change to motivational speaking and life coaching.


“My nephew and my niece are like my world.”

When she isn’t working, Shereen dedicates herself to her family. We spent time with her niece and nephew, Hannah and Amir. It was easy to see the passion she has for others by the way she interacts with them. When we asked her niece and nephew what they like doing for fun, they both said spending time with their aunt. It’s inspiring to see Shereen motivating the next generation to be their best selves as well.


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