Start this new year on the bright side.

According to The World Happiness Report, negative feelings—worry, sadness and anger—are up 27% in the past 10 years. Sounds to us like we need a little mood boost…

Hush Puppies is all about living life on the bright side. Optimists are more motivated, feel more creative, bounce back more easily and are even shown to live longer.

Good news is…we can all be optimists. Optimism isn’t something you have to be born with. It’s actually something that can be learned and grown.

This year we aren’t training for a marathon. We’re training for happy.

Want to go all-in on optimism? Starting January 6, we’re practicing optimism for 21 days. Follow along with our fun calendar—each day shares a happy fact and simple step toward becoming an optimist.

Click calendar to download:

Practice Optimism Calendar

So, start the New Year on the bright side and follow along (or join) @HushPuppiesShoes as we #PracticeOptimism.

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