Take this quiz to find out which of the colorful curated Hush Puppies Bailey Chukka Boots will pop your personal style.

1. What’s your ideal day off from work?

A. Taking a fun class to learn a new skill.
B. Convincing your friends to play hooky with you.
C. Curling up with a good book.
D. Working on a fun project for your home.

2. What’s your go-to manicure style?

A. Modern geometric lines.
B. Fun color with a party nail.
C. Skin tone or neutral.
D. Your favorite statement making color.

3. What was your favorite part of high school?

A. When you got to present projects or debate.
B. Extracurricular activities.
C. Classes like writing or history.
D. You loved learning a little bit about everything.

4. If you were an animal what animal would you be?

A. Lioness.
B. Dolphin.
C. Giraffe.
D. Cheetah.

5. What’s your dream vacation?

A. Hustling around New York City.
B. Enjoying sunny and fun Auckland, New Zealand.
C. Relaxing in The Greek Islands.
D. Exploring the art and architecture of Barcelona, Spain.

6. Do you wear color to work?

A. Yes, I think color helps me stand out.
B. Sometimes, I think it makes things a little more fun.
C. Not too much color, I prefer neutrals.
D. Some days, but I like to change it up and have variety.

7. Who do you spend the most time with?

A. Co-workers and people I volunteer with.
B. As many people as possible, the FOMO is real.
C. I need a mixture of alone time plus friends and family.
D. I love as much time as I can get with friends and family.

8. What kind of artwork is in your home?

A. Impactful pieces that have a story or meaning to me.
B. Lots of colorful, fun photos and art.
C. Art that is calm and relaxing.
D. Unique artwork that inspires me creatively.

9. What’s your dream job?

A. Leading a team and making a difference.
B. Anything working with people.
C. Writing a novel or memoir.
D. Directing a film or something creative.

10. How do you relax?

A. Get a good workout in.
B. Meet up with friends for wine.
C. A long relaxing bath.
D. Rooftop yoga and a podcast.



If you got mostly A’s
You are a self reliant badass and always have people’s backs.

Bailey Chukka Boot | Electric BlueBailey Chukka Boot | PestoBailey Chukka Boot | Fire Red

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If you got mostly B’s
You are a cheerful soul who always looks on the bright side.

Bailey Chukka Boot | Cozy TealBailey Chukka Boot | Peony PinkBailey Chukka Boot | Golden Sun

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If you got mostly C’s
You are an idealistic dreamer, giving off calm vibes.

Bailey Chukka Boot | Blissful BeigeBailey Chukka Boot | Soft SkyBailey Chukka Boot | Soft Nickel

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If you got mostly D’s
You are a creative genius, full of fire and energy.

Bailey Chukka Boot | JazzberryBailey Chukka Boot | CayenneBailey Chukka Boot | Sweet Plum

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