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In 2012, Yair and his friends dreamed up serving coconuts in the most unlikely place. In a basement waiting out a hurricane, they imagined how cool it would be to throw a party with coconuts in a location where people were not expecting it.

Yair | Co-Founder of CoCo & Co

“We thought it would be novel. You would be on the Brooklyn bridge and be so surprised to be handed a tropical fruit.”

A little later, they made it happen. It was on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City where Yair and a few of his drummer friends threw an unconventional coconut party for the people of New York. The level of joy and unity the party brought was unexpected and became infectious.

Yair | Co-Founder of CoCo & Co

“It’s why we started really, the joy that we could spread.”

Thus, CoCo & Co was born. Yair started getting more and more requests for his coconut parties. They realized they could put logos on the coconuts, and from there, the business grew.

Yair | Co-Founder of CoCo & Co

Yair | Co-Founder of CoCo & Co

CoCo & Co is a socially minded company and Yair has heart for people. He is currently working with a coconut farm in Sri Lanka to re-build after a destructive civil war. At the farm, they employ women who have lost their husbands in the war. They also built a school for the worker’s children.

When Yair isn’t cracking coconuts, he bikes to a local coffee shop in his Los Angeles neighborhood and posts up at a table to answer emails, have meetings and work on the business side of CoCo & Co.

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