Lily | Co-Founder of the Preserve Project


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Family is very important to Lily. She and her husband Ben are proud parents to Ruth and Ellwood. Ruth loves riding her scooter to the park, and Ellwood can be found chasing his big 
sister. The family moved from the Midwest to California to pursue their creative careers of photography and writing.

Lily | Co-Founder of the Preserve Project

A couple of years ago, Lily and her friend Lucia started a conversation about refugee families who have made the incredibly difficult decision to leave their homes to move to the United States. They realized there are many organizations that meet the daily needs of those families, but they wanted to help meet a more emotional need.

“We wanted them to feel known, welcome, seen, and to feel really proud.”

Lily | Co-Founder of the Preserve Project

Many of these families don’t have the luxury of getting family photos taken, so Lily partnered with the Tiyya Foundation to change that. With every paid photo session the Preserve Project books, the foundation gifts a photo session to a refugee family. They believe every family’s story deserves to be preserved.

“Families are able to document their journey in a way that is really meaningful and touching.”

Lily | Co-Founder of the Preserve Project

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