Erin | Founder of the Friendship Project


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Erin found difficulty meeting n
ew people as an adult, even though she has plenty of friends. When she and her boyfriend Tyler moved away from Downtown San Francisco and into a smaller town, she longed to find a new community. The Friendship Project was born out of this desire.

“It was born out of my own insecurities about friendship. I felt like it was hard to make friends as an adult.”

Erin | Founder of the Friendship Project

It’s a personal project for Erin about connecting with people in real life instead of relying on social media. Erin makes it a goal to meet people one-on-one and get to know them on a deeper level. Sometimes it’s complete strangers, and other times it’s people she has known for a long time. Participants answer a friendship questionnaire and Erin prints the best of their advice as part of her poster series.

Erin | Founder of the Friendship Project

“Talk to each other, spend time with one another, build a real connection.”

Erin prints her posters on a letterpress, an old printing process that creates uniquely beautiful prints. She’s promoting fun through her art with playful sayings like “be a little silly” and “get their phone number.”

Erin | Founder of the Friendship Project

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