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Just like there’s only one you, there can only be one original. And yup, you guessed it: It’s us! Way back in the day, Hush Puppies literally invented the comfy-casual shoe with the idea that bright colors, soft leathers and suedes, and fun and funky patterns would give people a better way to express themselves.

These iconic, archival styles are still out in the world – and some of you are collecting them! We have uncovered several HP Collectors and would like to share their stories with you in celebration of our new collection, the HP Classics.

Hush Puppies Classics are the real deal – we’re re-releasing some of the original styles that made us famous, but with even more added comfort.


Meet Jack (AKA Poppin Jack)

@poppinjizzack | 33 years old | Dancer | Sydney, Australia | Collecting for 15 years

In my collection I currently have 12 pairs, almost all of which I have acquired through searching vintage/ secondhand stores or markets. Over the years I have probably had close to 30+ pairs which I have given away to friends and students in their size.

I started collecting Hush Puppies because of the Electric Boogaloos, a crew from California and the pioneers of the dance style ‘Popping’. As a teen, I would watch clips of them performing in Hush Puppies and looking super funky. They are my inspiration so getting my hands on a pair of heritage HPs was special. It didn’t matter what size, I would search op shops and markets and if I found a pair, I would buy it for the collection.

These old school styles of HPs are great to dance in. I love the feel because they have grip but also let you slide and, as a performer, the colours and style make any outfit look fresh.

We would love HP to bring back some of the styles we are collecting or let us know if you have any dead stock you know where to find us!

A big shoutout to all the collectors out there and dancers still rocking the HP to get down in.


Meet Keanu

@KEANU | 27 years old | Dancer | Sydney, Australia | Collecting for 12 years

I currently have 27 pairs in my collection with 6 of them that are not in my size. Over the years I’ve sold or given away many pairs from either growing out of them or sharing Hush Puppy love with pairs that never fit me. So overall I’ve had almost 50 give or take at different times.

What drew me to start collecting them was their strong, bright, and funky colours. I’m a big lover of Funk music from the 70s and 80s so wearing Hush Puppies would make my footwork “Pop”, making a great match for the two main styles I do being “Popping” and “Locking”. I’ve always said that they are like “the sports car for dancers” being super lightweight ranging in all different sleek shapes and colours.

In the street dance world, Hush Puppies are known as the “popping shoe” as the pioneering dance group “The Electric Boogaloos” have worn them since the late 90s and early 2000s. I love searching for rare vintage pairs, especially because they don’t make the Wayne, Earl, Two Tones, and saddle designs anymore. Finding pairs in my size and rare colours is like finding gold.


Meet Unawndi Teal

@unawnditeal | 37 years old | Visual Artist | Baltimore, MD | Collecting for 24 years

Currently, I have 4 pairs. However, I am a collector who wears his shoes and donates them after use. I have owned roughly 20 to 30 pairs since 1998.

Like most kids, I had to wear uniforms in grade school. As a creative spirit, I always looked for ways to express myself through my clothing. While shopping in Nordstrom with my mom I saw the Hushpuppies display for the first time and was amazed. The rich-colored suede was exactly what I needed to give my uniform some character. The only problem was my mother was unable to afford them at the time. My older brother (14 years my senior) started working his first job. He gifted me a pair for my birthday, and I have been hooked ever since. What I love most is the comfort. I recall often getting into trouble during gym class because I would attempt to wear Hushpuppies instead of sneakers, leaving marks on the hardwood floor.

As an artist, I often think about what a collaboration with Hushpuppies would look like. I aspire to work on a capsule collection using my knowledge of the Hushpuppies brand, streetwear, fashion, visual art, and pop culture. I respect the heritage and legacy of the brand and would love to expand on that.

celestine copy

Meet Celestine

72 years old | Event Specialist | Round Rock, Texas

Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed shoe shopping especially if they are stylish, comfortable, durable, and within my budget. This completely describes my Nubuck collection. When I started my collection back in the mid-nineties, it gradually grew into over a hundred pairs morphing into men’s and children’s. After my collection reached its limit, I started scouring places to accumulate more for possible resale. Eventually, I was known as the “Hush Puppy Lady” around town.

It saddened me when the tone on tone was discontinued. Great memories though of Frank Stewart on Third Rock from the Sun sporting them. Barry Shabaka Henley on Bob Hearts Abishola recently wore a pair of green slip-onsons that I currently wear gardening.

I will always be a B-I-G fan!

Are you a collector? Do you know one? We want to hear your story! Share your story (and pics of your collection!) to

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