Better And Brighter -  Our promise towards a better + brighter world.

Our promise
towards a
+ brighter world.


Did you know, performing random
acts of kindness for others
make you happier? And that those
small acts often inspire
others to do
the same? Being kind is a small act
capable of big
impact. And the
world needs it now more than ever.
So at Hush
Puppies, we’re taking
steps towards being more kind.

Smiling Sun

For our people.

By creating a brightsider culture
that embraces our core values.

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For the community.

By partnering with non-profits and
causes that
prioritize kindness
and benefit mental health.

  • Covenant House

    Convenant House Logo

    The Covenant House is an organization committed to building a
    present and future of safety, healing, housing, and opportunity for
    young people facing homelessness. We kicked off our partnership in
    2022 through our donation of 1000+shoes to their youth, as well as
    volunteering with our local chapter. Over the course of 2023, the Hush
    Puppies team is further committed to supporting Covenant House
    through additional volunteer efforts, donation opportunities, and an
    exciting pop-up event in New York City.

  • Free Mom Hugs

    This Pride Month we are bringing back our partnership with the Free
    Mom Hugs team and continuing our promise to help build a better
    world one hug at a time. Free Mom Hugs is an incredible organization
    that brings visibility, education, conversation, and hugs (duh) to the
    LGBTQIA+ community. This year the Hush Puppies team will be
    donating 100% of net proceeds from our Pride Charlie to Free Mom
    Hugs for the months of May and June.

  • #BeaniesforBassets


    In August 2022 (National Dog Month) we launched our
    #BeaniesforBassets campaign in an effort to give back and spark a
    bright spot for the amazing organizations and volunteers working
    hard to save and enrich the lives of our furry friends. Throughout the
    month of August, we pledged to donate 100% of net proceeds from
    our beanies to a Basset Hound Rescue. In order to decide which
    rescue would receive our donation – we held a furry friend photo

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For the planet.

By creating more earth-friendly
and less waste with
our packaging.

Recycyled or Bio-based Materials Recycyled or Bio-based Materials


Include recycled or bio-based
materials in all new products by 2025.

Our Goals - 2025
Box of shoes Box of shoes


Reduce packaging weight
by 25% by 2025.

A pair of The Good Shoes on a flower background A pair of The Good Shoes on a flower background

We launched our first eco-friendly
sneaker in 2021,
The Good Low Top,
made from natural algae bloom
100% post-consumer plastics.

Shop The Good Shoe →
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Kindness is