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Dress Up, Dress Down - Men's Dress Casual Fashion

Call it two-faced fashion, but one minute you’re dressed up and polished for work then boom, off comes a layer or two and instantly, you are more casual and free. Trends in menswear are big on versatility, transition and dual purposes. Workplaces are evolving when it comes to dress codes and your budget needs to stretch further so it’s a no-brainer. The trends we’re digging are the dress up/dress down variety. We gather four style solutions that do double duty.

Straddling a work and play day is the Buck laceless oxford shoe. The exclusive 1958 collection style fits well with a professional collared shirt that peeks out of a v-neck sweater under a blazer for a meeting. Go casual and remove the blazer and the shoes remain the anchor piece in an outfit in a constant state of flux.

A favorite in the relaxed swag category is the Bozeman oxford in rich earth tones. This charmer is from the 1958 collection and has been seen in GQ. It looks swell with a dress shirt and tie in the office but lose the tie and roll up those sleeves and a more spontaneous you emerges. Refined yet casual all in one shoe—you see where we’re going here?
Brogue Lug
Brogue styles are clean, crisp and professional with equal doses classic and modern. The Brogue Lug’s preppiness can be toned down with colored khakis or a puffy goosedown vest. 

Some realistic advice? Don’t take yourself too seriously—it’s the Hush Puppies rule. Be cool and look cool with a natural, organic and super approachable vibe.