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Walk Like A Man - Menswear Inspired Fashion for Women

What is the attraction of menswear-inspired shoes? Ladies, if we’re bold enough to wear the boyfriend jeans and boyfriend cardigan sweater, then it makes perfect sense to swap out our heels for a more manly and dapper look in shoes. Consider it flirting with your inner gentlemen or the natural evolution of women wearing men’s suits—think the old Hollywood glamour and suity style of Katharine Hepburn and cheeky Diane Keaton.

Stars from actress Blake Lively to singer Taylor Swift have been spotted slipping them on for comfort (possibly) and for a fashion power play (absolutely). When it comes to menswear-inspired styles, we’ve got three styles to go under the tree:  

There’s the gallant glamour of the Tyro two-tone brogue oxford—a wedge heel that remains girly—call it “broguette” if you must. Even the cotton stripe linings give off a pinstripe suit handsomeness. Here’s an idea: keep the menswear at your feet and balance the look out with girlish accessories such as a dainty charm bracelet.

Lolita Ghillie

A similar style, the Lolita Ghillie is a battle of the sexes boiled down into a throwback brogue heel that still exudes feminine charm. It’s a fashion experiment and will be seen on avant-garde types. Does anyone else feel the strong urge to throw some playful polka dot pieces into the mix? 

Postcard lace up oxford

Postcard lace up oxford by hpmarketing featuring slouchy sweaters

A salute to the unexpected and old school appeal comes in the form of the Postcard lace up oxford. This one’s got loads of moxie and finds a fashionable niche in fella wear. Play this one up with fun knee socks and textured leggings or both for that layered look everyone wants to pull off.

The best part of this trend is finding ways to subtly incorporate femininity. Try the look with fun, printed socks for a quirky feel. Punk these styles out with colored laces or jewel-toned ribbons. Ever been called a tomboy? These shoes have stories too…