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Color Pop - Men's Fashion

It’s all about creating a visual...

Similar to a dance craze like the Macarena, the color pop trend in menswear might look hard to execute but we can break it down for you real nice and easy now. The key is to stay subtle. Little, quick bursts of a hue have surely been assigned to the tie, pocket square and socks but are breaking out on laces, soles or in two-tone brogue styles. It’s easy and effortless style. Become the accidental charmer with our color pop faves.

Our wingman of color is the Carver casual, everyday shoe. Wingtip details spruce up this traditional sporty men’s style and can be worn lace-less for an even more casual look. The subtle orange or yellow accents give just enough color pop for those men who don’t want to jump right in.


Take a calculated color risk with the Brogue5 or Base5. Appealing to the renegade gentlemen (put that on your business card)—this shoe is classic and modern and features a collapsible heel to make it a slip on. The wingtip design on the Brogue is pure business while the colored outsole is a playful touch. Why do we want to see the Brogue5’s sole matching up with a vintage blazer’s elbow patches in a similar hue? The heart wants what it wants… 

Instant results are achieved in the yellow-tinted suede of the Bellboy style. This shoe has a real mod current running through it and is a choice brimming with quirky swagger. Youthful and vibrant, it can define jeans and a simple shirt. The Quiff oxford in subtle pale green suede is a nod toward British club culture and favors a two-tone color palette for some flavor. Both options carry a whiff of rebellious fashion reminiscent of the past.  

When it comes to blending in, you’ve been there and done that. These shoe styles are another way to be original. There’s just something crisp and sharp about a block of color to awaken you to the world around you.