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a women’s best friend

Dog Art

posted on Fri, 26 Aug 2011 15:03:00 +0000

The logo for Hush Puppies prominently and proudly features a Basset Hound, whose real name, if you have been following his adventures, is Jason.  Basset hounds are often referred to as "hush puppies" for that reason. Our "spokes basset" is beloved around the world and reinforces the  fun,optimism of the Hush Puppies brand.

When Hush Puppies celebrated its fiftieth year, an international Dog Art contest was launched. Contestants submitted their artistic interpretations of our beloved Jason. 95 entries were submitted including 25 pieces from children at an art school in the Philippines. Here are a few examples of our cherished Jason, with the quotes from the artists that created them.

Alejandro Lopez, artist, Guanajuato, Mexico.
Un perro con angel (a dog with angel)
 "painting by the traditions of my people, utilizing human shapes and using bright colors"
the artist describes his painting as a moment of relaxation,
"peaceful and quiet, surrounded by the color and folklore of my country."

Tam Huynh, designer, Leicerster, England.
Pup Art
"I was inspired by Andy Warhol's 1950's pop art movement,
in the same decade that Hush Puppies was established in 1958,"
 "The iconic head of the dog is forefront, like a portrait and repeated
  . . .on vivid colors and a 1950's style wallpaper background."

Patti Brinks, student,  Michigan, United States.
On Top of the World II
"I was inspired by the fact that Hush Puppies are sold in over 139 countries.
I took that theme and tied it in with Tibetan prayer flag,"

"People from all over the world travel to climb the mountains in
Tibet and these prayer flags follow them all the way up and down the rugged hills.
I took this idea and applied it to my artwork."

Feng Xinyao, art student, Guangzhou, China.
Patchwork of Basset Hound
 Inspired by the casual and simple designs of the Hush Puppies shoes,
which inspired her to draw a simple dog shape.
The geometric artwork was crafted out of paper with a modern approach.

Melih Kesmen, Witten, Germany.
Animal Painting
Carlos Carrasco, art director and artist from Santiago, Chile.
70s Dog
"Hush Puppies dog has always been brown,
I wanted to change that and put some color on it."

~Sumaiyah Mamun, an architecture student from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The Letter Dog

"Hush Puppies is a global brand, and the world is a place of multiple cultures and languages,
without which we can't express ourselves...
From this thinking . . . we use the mouth, eyes and ears for verbalcommunication.
My doggie has the alphabet of different languages,
 Bangla, English, Chinese, Thai, on these parts."
Samuel Carlos, 7 years old art student. Quezon City, Philippines.
The Wizzard Dog

Vanessa Sosiak, graphic artists, Ontario, Canada.
Winter Wonderland Escape
 Inspired by "Montreal's winter and city nights," for this piece.
The images are fun and inspiring. All dog art is currently being displayed at our headquarters in Rockford Michigan.

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